African Power Corporation


African Power, Energy & Infrastructure Project 

About Us

APC is a specialist asset manager which focuses exclusively on providing innovative investment products to support the long-term financing of Africa’s growing power, energy and infrastructure sectors


Our long term mission is to create an enduring financial institution that will launch of a series of specialist investment products and become an active issuer in the debt and equity capital markets.


Our team and board of respected advisors are highly experienced in Africa, power and project finance. See More Information for details or get in contact to schedule an appointment. 

Offering investors exposure to low-risk African power, energy and infrastructure debt with investment grade credit enhancement or risk mitigation.

Operate to the highest ESG standards

to become a trusted, financially robust market counter party within the industry.

Develop institutional knowledge

and rigour through detailed research and superior market intelligence.

More than half of global population growth by 2050 will happen in Africa

  • World – 2.2 billion
  • Africa – 1.3 billion
  • Asia – 0.7 billion
  • Latin America – 0.13 billion

Africa makes up


of the world's landmass.

Make a transformational impact

on the quality of peoples lives by investing responsibly across the continent, including in challenging countries.

Create a secondary market

for operating assets by offering replacement capital to enable the recycling of capital into new primary projects.

Forecast 3.8x growth in electricity demand
in next 30 years


US$1 Trillion of Investment is required to electrify the continent
over the next 25 years

There is a significant and growing primary market

And an urgent need for a secondary market to develop

We are offering a solution