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African Power, Energy & Infrastructure Project Finance Debt Securitisation Programme

About us


African Power Corporation offers investors exposure to low-risk African power, energy and infrastructure debt with investment grade credit enhancement or risk mitigation.

APC is a specialist asset manager which focuses exclusively on providing innovative investment products to support the long-term financing of Africa’s growing power, energy and infrastructure sectors in order to drive down the cost of capital within the sectors.

The team is highly experienced in African power and infrastructure investment as well as project finance and the international capital markets.


Who we are


British Financial Institution

We are based in City of London providing access to Capital Markets.


Specialist Credit Investor

In Africa’s growing power, energy and infrastructure sectors

Serving Africa
& Our Clients

Including Governments, Development Finance Institutions, Commercial and Investment Banks and Asset Managers.

Official Partner of
US Government

Sponsored Power Africa Initiative classed as a capital provider.




The Opportunity

There is a significant and growing market



The African continent consists
of 20% of the World’s landmass…

  • World Growth 2.2 billion
  • Africa 1.3 billion
  • Asia 0.7 billion
  • Latin America 0.13 billion
  • North America 0.07 billion
  • Oceania 0.01 billion

Europe -0.026


and by 2050, more than half of global population growth will happen in Africa.


Our objective

is to create an enduring financial institution that will launch of a series of specialist investment products and become an active issuer in the debt and equity capital markets in order to:
  • Operate to the highest ESG standards and become a trusted, financially robust market counter party within the industry.
  • Develop institutional knowledge and rigour through detailed research and superior market intelligence.
  • Become a repeat issuer in the domestic and the international capital markets including in local currencies.
  • Build strong relationships with all stake holders in the sector and act as a bridge between the public and private sectors.

Our team

is highly experienced in Africa, power & project finance.
James Pockney APC

James Pockney

Executive Chairman

  •  Founded African Power Corporation in 2010.
  • Experienced entrepreneur & emerging markets investor. Ex Swiss Bank Corporation.
  • Successfully financed or led IPO’s of several natural resource , energy and infrastructure businesses.

Hugo Elliott

Chief Financial Officer

  • Experienced corporate finance executive and MBA – Ex Deutsche Bank Real Estate Investment Banking
  • Focused on ECM and M&A for companies in Russia, CIS States, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.
  • Prior to that, he served in the British Army with several postings abroad.

Toby Norfolk-Thompson

Chief Investment Office

  • Highly experienced structuring specialist including emerging markets sovereign and infrastructure credit.
  • Previously, spent 18 years trading and structuring fixed income products at Barclays
  • Former head of derivative trading desk for Barclays Non-Core. Oversaw the disposal of the bulk of Barclay’s global derivatives portfolio. He holds an MA in Mathematics from Cambridge University.